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There are three ways to search the photograph collection: Text Search, Image Number (or negative number) Search and Keyword Search.

Text Search for family name, boat name or number etc.

If you want to search for a word or phrase such as a family name or a boat name, enter it in the Search Box at the top left-hand corner of the Photo Search page and click the Search button. The search results appear on the right-hand side. If there are a lot of results, they may occupy more than one page.

If the search fails to find a name, try alternative spellings, for example, Thomson or Thompson, McDonald or MacDonald. If searching for a boat by its number, try with or without a space between letters and figures, for example, KY123 or KY 123.

Image Number (or negative number) Search

If you know the negative number or image number, enter it in the Search Box and click the Search button. Take care when entering the number. If the number is 2345, enter it like this: sfm_2345, or if it is 93/456, enter it like this: sfm_93_456.

Some images do not have a negative and the reference used may be the Museum accession number, for example, ANSFM:2013.23.56. Enter like this: ANSFM_2013_23_56.

Keyword Search

Below the Search box is a list of keywords. These are the major subject areas used by the Museum, plus Date and Location. Click one of the small triangles to the left of a keyword to expand it to a more detailed list. Some of the keywords can be expanded further to see still more detail. Tick the box beside a keyword and then click the Search button.

If you tick one of the keywords which can be expanded, all the lower level keywords will be selected. For example, ticking “Boat Types” will select all boat types. To search for a particular boat type, expand the “Boat Types” list, then tick the type of interest, for example, “Fifie”.

If the search produces too many results, try refining it by ticking a date and/or location in addition to a subject keyword.

To start again, click “Reset search” which appears under the Search box after a search has been done.

Viewing the Search Results

Click one of the small images to see a larger version together with details of the image, including Title, Description and all its keywords. Click the right or left arrows (or use the arrow keys on your keyboard) to see the other search results.

Ordering copies of Photographs

To order a print or an electronic copy of any photograph, note its reference number, then use our Order Form.

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