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The following standard conditions apply to the granting of authority to reproduce images. Other conditions, applicable to individual cases may be appended. No application for authority to reproduce images will be considered without acceptance of these conditions.

  1. The supply of photographs or images held by the Scottish Fisheries Museum does not in any way imply the granting of authority to reproduce such copies, in any form, for any purpose. Authority for reproduction for any type of publication, broadcast or exhibition must be obtained by completing an application form.
  2. The Museum reserves the right to deny authority to reproduce any image at its sole discretion.
  3. Charges made for reproduction will take into account factors such as the purpose of the license, the distribution of the publication and the type of organisation seeking the license. The current scale of charges may be varied at any time, without prior notice. If requested, a formal quotation, binding for a period of one month, will be given.
  4. Payment of an agreed fee will give the purchaser the non-exclusive licence to reproduce the image, in the agreed manner only, for a single print run or showing. A repeat print run or broadcast may be subject to repeat fees.
  5. The authority to reproduce given by payment of these fees extends only to the initial applicant. The authority does not imply any right to the purchaser to authorise subsequent reproduction by a third party.
  6. Payment must be made in £ sterling to the “Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust Ltd”. Authority to reproduce an image is dependent upon receipt of full payment.
  7. In addition to the reproduction fee, a copy of any publication is required.
  8. Copyright will be retained by the Scottish Fisheries Museum or other copyright holder as indicated in the acknowledgements.
  9. Unauthorised reproduction will infringe copyright and may render the infringer liable to civil penalties. Where works of art are still in copyright, it is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain written permission from the holder of the copyright to reproduce the work.
  10. Any caption produced relating to the image used must be factually correct and reflect the description provided to the purchaser.
  11. An acknowledgement of the source of the image should be made on every occasion of publication in the form: ‘Courtesy of the Scottish Fisheries Museum’, unless otherwise stated. The acknowledgement shall be made in such a way that it can be identified with the individual image to which it applies.

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