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Fishing in Scotland

Additional sound files and images for the ‘Fishing in Scotland’ resource

Page 14 - Fisherlasses songs

Shona McWilliam - Come All Ye Fisherlassies - audio (time 2 minutes 19 secs - Size 2.12Mb) Used by kind permission of Greentrax Recordings Ltd – Track 16 from the album “People and Songs of the Sea” – Various Artists –CDTRAX 338.

Margot Cook - Wullie’s Back Fae Yarmouth - audio (time 2 minutes 45 Secs -Size 2.51Mb) Recorded and arranged by Kenny Anderson as part of the In a Aroon Anster project of The New Makars Trust and included in NMT10 Anster Tracks - see

Page 20 - Interview with a Fisherlass - audio (time 6 minutes - Size 4.11Mb) Interview with a Fisherlass - Mary Murray, Fife Recorded by Roger Leitch Archive number: SA1983.124.A1 School of Scottish Studies Archive, University of Edinburgh

Page 26 - Storm at Sea - audio (Time 11 minutes 20 secs - Size 7.78.Mb) Storm at Sea - Tom Anderson, Shetland Reorded by Tadaake Miyake Archive number: SA1972.238.A10 School of Scottish Studies Archive, University of Edinburgh

Page 32 - Diagrams of boats

Scaffie and Fifie Boats

The Scaffie and the Fifie were the two most popular east coast fishing boat designs in the second half of the 19th century. View diagram.

Modern Fishing Vessel

Image of the diesel trawler Franchise UL45 at Ullapool, September 1996. View diagram.

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